Die Bedürfnisanstalt
Hamburg, 2021/05/22-24

The ART-MUTATION campaign was initiated by the artist anna.laclaque. It is meant to bring a global artist community together, during the isolation time, resulting from the spread of Covid-19, and beyond. The campaign is intended to connect artists from all over the world communicating through their artwork.

anna.laclaque started the campaign by creating a painting. Then she sent photos of her artwork to some other artists. Each recipient creates a variation of this original motif like a mutation of the virus. They again send photos of their artwork to further artists in order to create a chain of mutations. This procedure will be reiterated as long as the virus exists.

All photos of these artworks are visualized at the website, collected by anna.laclaque, to build a global artist network. So all participating artists receive public attention and everyone can watch the mutations evolve.

The campaign, ART-MUTATION, is to show the world that art can spread, similar to the virus.

Copyright of ART-MUTATION by anna.laclaque

acryl on canvas, 30x30cm
Braunschweig / Germany
mutation 1; mutation 2; mutation 3; mutation 4; mutation 5; mutation 6; mutation 7; mutation 8; mutation 9


Daniel Acosta, Buenos Aires/Argentina – Andrea Aguía, Bogotá/Colombia – Andreia, Buenos Aires/Argentina – Angel Alado, Oaxaca/Mexico – Francesco Aprile, Lecce/Italy – James Robert Batten, Tokyo/Japan – Flavia Bellavia, Carrara/Italy – Anna Berndtson, Malmö/Sweden – Marie-Paule Bilger, Mulhouse/France – Nenad Bogdanovic, Odzaci/Serbia -Michelle Boucard, Paris/France – Chris Bowman, Sydney/Australia -Lara Ilaria Braconi, Milano/Italy – Frank Bready Trejo, Venezuela/Argentina – Adeline Breton, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre/France – Andrés Camilo Bueno, Bogotá/Colombia – Ilario Caliendo, Carrara/Italy – Hector Canonge, New York, USA – Valentina Carlone, Barcelona/Spain – Anju Chaudhuri, Paris/France – Angelina Chung, Belfast City/Ireland – Beau Coleman, Canada / Unitied Kingdom – Ford Crull, New York/ USA – Eva Dabara, Tel-Aviv/Israel – Luca Dal Vignale, La Spezia/Italy – Deepak Dhiman, Panchkula/India – Ella Dreyfus, Sydney/Australia – Yingmei Duan, Daqing/China – Christian Duc, Paris/France – Marcos García Pérez, Berlin/Germany – Arnab Ghosal, Santiniketan/India – Christel Claudius, Paris/France – Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith, Braunschweig/Germany – Fausto Grossi, Bilbao/Spain – Jesús Guillén, Barquisimeto/Venezuela – Szilvia Gyorgy, Sydney/Australia – sandra heinz, Mainz/Germany – Martin Humphries, Narberth/Wales – Siri Iversen-Ejve, Fårösund, Gotland/Sweden – Jolanda Jansen, The Hague/The Netherlands – Birgit Jensen, Düsseldorf/Germany – Janine Kortz-Waintrop, Cachan/France – Fenia Kotsopoulou, Lincoln/UK – Jürgen Bernhard Kuck, Braunschweig/Germany – Alex Labejof, Castera-Verduzan/France – anna.laclaque, Braunschweig/Germany – Anup Let, Visva Bharati/India – Christophe Loyer, Montreuil/France – Martine Luttringer, Schalbach/France – Zara Lyness, Co.Down/Northern Ireland – Julie Maret, Marseille/France – Babette Martini, Dortmund/Germany – Alice Máselníková, Stockhom/Sweden – Elaine Mcginn, Belfast/Northern Ireland – John McCarron, Buncrana Co.Donegal/Ireland – Melina Peña, Barcelona/Spain – Marisa Nuñez Caminos, Entre Rios/Argentina – Martin Olutniks, London/UK – Gitta Pardoel, Netherlands – Beatrix Pohle-Stiehl, Darmstadt/Germany – Margot Preteceille, Paris/France – Antonio Puri, Bogotà/Colombia – Nia Pushkarova, Sofia/Bulgaria – Ali Rashid, Holland/Netherlands – Pontus Raud, Stockholm/Sweden – Andreas Ribbung, Stockhom/Sweden – Norelvis Rivas Santelli, Venezuela/Argentina – Ender Rodríguez, Ciudad San Cristóbal/Venezuela – Marta Sala, Berlin/Germany – Inder Salim, Delhi/India – Carla Schliephack, Berlin/Germany – Mone Schliephack, Duesseldorf/Germany – Vasan Sitthiket, Bankok/Thailand – Ana Sladetic, Samobor/Croatia – Satadru Sovan Banduri, Delhi/India – Yarinés Suárez, Buenos Aires/Argentina – David Thompson, London/UK – Manami Uetake, Tokyo/Japan – Johan Wahlstrom, Jersey City/USA – Etsuko Watanabe, Tokyo/Japan – Ruth Vigueras Bravo, Ciudad de México – Maryanne Wick, Sydney/Australia – Susana Zapata, Entre Rios/Argentina – Nanette Zimmermann, Müllheim/Germany


Mone Schliephack
Binary Dream
Duesseldorf /Germany
reference: anna.laclaque, islet
mutation 1; mutation 2; mutation 3; mutation 4
Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith
Vertical Purge
Excerpt performative Action Notation April 13, 2020, self-timer 20 sec.
Digital Photography, print size: 59 x 92 cm
Werftraum, Braunschweig / Germany
reference: anna.laclaque, islet
mutation 1; mutation 2; mutation 3; mutation 4; mutation 5; mutation 6; mutation 7
Etsuko Watanabe
alles im Nebel
colour pencil on incjet-printed DIN A4 paper
Tokyo / Japan
reference: Birgit Jensen, my time my Beast
mutation 1
Nanette Zimmermann 
Müllheim / Germany 
reference: Anna Laclaque, islet

Marcos García Pérez
Common memories
Berlin / Germany
reference: Mone Schliephack, Binary Dream
mutation 1
Carla Schliephack
Acryl on forest relics, 18th April 2020
Berlin, Germany
infected by Mone Schliephack, binarydream
Anup Let
The Birth of Supremacy
mixed media, 2020
Visva Bharati / India
reference: Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, Vertical Purge
mutation 1; mutation 2; mutation 3
Arnab Ghosal
Digital Photography
Santiniketan / India
reference: Anup Let, The Birth of Supremacy
Satadru Sovan Banduri
Video work of Hexxydexxy isolation zone
Delhi / India
reference: Anup Let, The Birth of Supremacy
James Robert Batten
Tokyo, JAPAN
reference: Etsuko Watanabe, alles im Nebel
mutation 1
Andrés Camilo Bueno
Fantasma < Ghost
Bogotá / Colombia.
reference: Andrea Aguía, The man who loved the Nereids
Ana Sladetic
Child Pose
reference: Sandra Heinz, Message
Samobor, Croatia
Marta Sala
a common nap
reference: Marcos Garcia Pérez, Common memories
Manami Uetake
Stay at Home
reference: James Batten, COVID-19
Tokyo, Japan
Ella Dreyfus
Total Silence
reference: Sandra Heinz, Message
Sydney, Australia
mutation 1
Maryanne Wick  
Sorrow, Silence, Strength (Los bombos de Tomelloso)
Sydney, Australia
reference: Ella Dreyfus, Total Silence
mutation 1
Johan Wahlstrom
Herd Immunity
Urethane and color pigments on canvas
Jersey City, NJ, USA
reference: Eva Dabara, Dont Go
mutation 1
Ford Crull
Vision of St. John
New York, NY / USA
reference: Johan Wahlstrom, Herd Immunity
Nia Pushkarova
Briefing done for today!
Sofia, Bulgaria
reference: Eva Dabara, Don’t Go
Janine Kortz-Waintrop
Êta Aquarides
I,II,III Tryptich, 3 x (140 x 140 cm)
Ink, Acryl & Marble powder on Chinese Paper
   2-6mai 2020
Cachan, France
reference: anna.laclaque, islet
mutation 1; mutation 2; mutation 3; mutation 4
Babette Martini
Three Forms of a Head
Dortmund, Germany
reference: anna.laclaque, Islet
Alice Máselníková
Ball games
Watercolour and gouache on paper, 210 x 297 mm, 2020
Stockhom, Sweden
reference: Eva Dabara, Don’t Go
mutation 1; mutation 2; mutation 3
Fausto Grossi
Bilbao, Spain
reference: Nenad Bogdanovic, Dont-Exchange
mutation 1; mutation 2
Ruth Vigueras Bravo
From the Series Fiction-Reality
Digital photography
Ciudad de México
mutation 1; mutation 2

Ender Rodríguez
Ciudad San Cristóbal / Venezuela
reference: Ruth Vigueras Bravo, From the Series Fiction-Reality
Christophe Loyer
Legitur in tenebris
copper sheet, black patina; 40x30x20cmmay 2020
Montreuil / France
reference: Janine Kortz-Waintrop, Êta Aquarides
Deepak Dhiman
State of mind
Panchkula / India
reference: Anup Let, The birth of supremacy
Siri Iversen-Ejve
Never unaccompanied
Oil on canvas, 20 x 20 cm
Fårösund, Gotland / Sweden
reference: Alice Máselníková, Ball games
Beatrix Pohle-Stiehl
…nach Piero del Pollaiuolo…
Darmstadt, Germany
reference: anna.laclaque, islet
Melina Peña
Lockdown Day (16).mj
Video Performance, April 30, 2020
Sound: “Not Fearing ¨ by Nat Roe
Barcelona, Spain
reference: Angel Alado, Lilies and carnations

Adeline Breton
Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France
reference: Janine Kortz-Waintrop, Eta Aquarrides
mutation 1
Chris Bowman
Closeness – Separation – Entropy
photography, mixed media. © 2020
Sydney, Australia
reference: Szilvia Gyorgy: Silence-Distance-Closeness
mutation 1
Francesco Aprile
unnamed. 15-05-2020
Lecce, Italy
reference: Nenad Bogdanovic, Don’t Exchange
Andreas Ribbung
Balling Congeries
acrylic and tempera on cotton, 16 x 20 cm, 2020
Stockholm, Sweden
reference: Alice Máselníková, Ball games
mutation 1
Pontus Raud
Song for a red ball
Oil pastel on paper, 30×40 cm
Stockholm, Sweden
reference: Alice Maselnikova, Ball games
Vasan Sitthiket
Coronavirus Changing Humankind
Acrylic on paper 57x77cm. April 2020
Bangkok, Thailand
reference: Jolanda Jansen, Intelligent Lockdown?
Elaine Mcginn
Re Emergence
Belfast, Northern Ireland
reference: Jolanda Jansen, Intelligent Lockdown?
mutation 1
Christian Duc
Technique mixte ( aquarelle,feutre,collage ) 21×29,7
Paris, France
reference : Adeline Breton, Là-bas
mutation 1
Zara Lyness
Uncertain Landscape
Co.Down, Northern Ireland
reference: Elaine McGinn, Re-emergence
mutation 1
Beau Coleman
performance / photographic digital print, 2020
Concept/Live Performance: Beau Coleman
Photo Credit:  Brittany Ball-Snellen
Canada / Unitied Kingdom
reference: Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, vertical purge
mutation 1
Ali Rashid
No title
mixed media on paper 2020
Holland / Netherlands
reference: Janine Kortz Waintrop, Eta-Aquarides
mutation 1
Margot Preteceille
Und jetzt ?
Aqarelle, encre, collage, dimension 21/27
reference: Christian Duc, Traverses
mutation 1
Daniel Acosta
Foto digital 2020
Concepto: intervención fotográfica 
Argentina / Buenos Aires
reference: Beau Coleman, Breathe
mutation 1
Marisa Nuñez Caminos
Rituales Inesperados
Fotografia digital 2020
Concepto: Performance
Credito Fotografia: Nahuel Flores
Entre Rios / Argentina
reference: Daniel Acosta, Tifus
mutation 1
David Thompson
London, UK
reference: Chris Bowman, Closeness, Separation, Entropy
mutation 1
Angelina Chung
Masks 1,2,3,4
sculptual, redclay greenware
Belfast City, Ireland
reference: Zara Lyness, Uncertain Landscape
mutation 1
John McCarron
A dose of Kline
Buncrana Co Donegal, Ireland
reference: Angelina Chung, Masks 1,2,3,4
Lara Ilaria Braconi
Loving mishmash
oil and pigments on canvas, 30 x 40 cm, 2020
Milan, Italy
reference: Andreas Ribbung, Balling Congeries
mutation 1; mutation 2
Christel Claudius
Le mesurage des plantes
gravure – collage – stylo
reference: Margot Preteceille, Und jetzt ?
mutation 1
Yarinés Suárez
Variations about still life
Buenos Aires, Argentina
reference: Frank Bready Trejo, Anarchism of nature against you
yarines suarez portfolio
Ilario Caliendo
Tears in heaven
collage, 21 X 29,7 cm, 2020
Carrara, Italy
reference: Lara Ilaria Braconi, Loving mishmash 
Susana Zapata
performance, Fotografia Digital 2020
Entre Rios, Argentina
reference: Marisa Nuñez Caminos., Rituales Inesperados
Gitta Pardoel
For your help / For all personal helping in the hospitals
The Netherlands
reference: Ali Rashid, No title
Michelle Boucard
aquarelle, fleurs
Paris, France
reference: Christel Claudius, le mesurage des plantes
mutation 1
Jesús Guillén
Barquisimeto – Venezuela
reference: Frank Bready Trejo, Anarchism of nature against you
Hector Canonge
Performance, 2014
New York, USA
reference: anna.laclaque, islet
Anju Chaudhuri 
technique-mixte on paper
Paris, France
reference: Michelle Boucard, mouvance
mutation 1; mutation 2
Luca Dal Vignale
Ho cercato di copiare La Braconi ma è troppo forte
Acrylic spray and ink on sewed fabrics, 181X103cm, 2020
Brussels, Belgium
reference: Lara Ilaria Braconi, Loving mishmash
Martine Luttringer  
gravir la montagne/ to climb the mountain
Schalbach, France
reference: Anju Chaudhuri, mutation
mutation 1
Martin Olutniks
City With No Airship
London, UK
reference: David Thompson, Reflection
mutation 1
Marie-Paule Bilger
Mulhouse, France
reference: Martine Luttringer , gravir la montagne
Yingmei Duan
Daqing, China Braunschweig, Germany
reference: anna.laclaque, islet
mutation 1; mutation 2
Anna Berndtson 
Corona extra
Malmö, Sweden
reference: Yingmei Duan, Conquered
Martin Humphries
The man who would ride a tiger at some point must dismount
Narberth, Wales
reference: Martin Olutniks, City with no airship
Fenia Kotsopoulou
Touch me from within (2020)
Lincoln, UK
reference: Dagmar I.Glausnitzer, vertical purge
Julie Maret
Marseille, France
reference: Anju Chaudhuri, Errance’20
Jürgen Bernhard Kuck
Braunschweig, Germany
reference: Yingmei Duan, Conquered
Inder Salim
Heart is missing
Delhi, India
reference: Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith, Vertical Purge
Norelvis Rivas Santelli
nature inside nature 
Venezuela / Argentina
reference: Frank Bready Trejo, Anarchism of nature against you  
Freezing, Dad
Acrilicos + Tinta
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Flavia Bellavia
Fusion of conciousness
Carrara, Italy
reference: Lara Ilaria Braconi, Loving mishmash